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General Information

2000 Census - 1,801
City of Laingsburg Census 2000 - 1,223

Interesting Sciota Township Facts:
The latitude is 42.906N.  The longitude is -84.323W
Elevation is 863 Feet
Median Household Income:  $55,375 ($41,994 Nationally)
Per Capita Income is $20,502 ($21,567 Nationally)

Hall located at 3990 Leland Road, Laingsburg, Michigan
(Corner of Leland and Bennington)
NOTE: DO NOT mail anything to this address

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Welcome to Sciota Township

Welcome to Sciota Township

A General Law Township, Established in 1842


News & Notices


Are you interested in being an election inspector?  We have 4 upcoming elections:   March 10th, May 5th, August 7th and November 2nd.  
Please let me know if you are interested and which ones you think you would be available.  Instructional classes will be held April, June and September. The instructional course accreditation is valid for 2 years.

Get an Election Inspector Application here

Office/Fax: 517-651-5286
Email:  clerk@sciotatownship.net

Jamie Parker-Wing, Clerk
Township of Sciota
8430 W Parker Rd
Laingsburg MI  48848

Sciota Township
Notice of Annual Meeting and Budget Hearing

The Sciota Township Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed township budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 at 6:00 pm on Monday, March 9, 2019 at the Sciota Township Hall, 3990 Leland Road, Laingsburg, MI.  A copy of the budget can be seen by calling the clerk.  The Annual Meeting will follow the budget hearing at about 6:30pm.

Jamie Parker-Wing, Clerk
Sciota Township

Sciota Township Board of Review Information

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Winter 2019 Tax

Save yourself time and gas, pay by mail. The Tax statements are perforated. Simply tear off at the perforation and keep the lower half for your records.  If you would like a receipt mailed to you, please write “yes” on the top portion you are sending in with payment. Please send your check or money order, made out to “Sciota Township Treasurer”, to:

Sciota Township Treasurer
5611 Shaftsburg Road
Laingsburg, MI 48848

Office Hours for Winter Tax collection are as follows:

Friday, December 27th 9am - 5pm

Friday, February 14th 2pm - 5pm

Friday, February 28th 9am- 5 pm

While the Treasurer is required by law to keep specific office hours pursuant to PA 641 of 2002, she will be available to collect your taxes most other times too. PLEASE CALL/TEXT Lisa Doyle at 651-5446 (or email her at Treasurer@sciotatownship.net) to make arrangements.

Some reminders for you:

  • You may pay for multiple parcels on one check, as well as adding your dog license fee to the same check
  • There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks (NSF)
  • The last day to pay without any late fee is February 14, 2020.  Mail must be post marked on or before February 14th.

Ordinance 219-1 Marijuana Prohibition

View or Print your TAX BILL Anytime You Want

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Shiawassee County May Election Results

Election Results - May 7, 2019 Sciota Township Precinct 1


How to Request Natural Gas
Call 10888-417-6146 (Choose Option 4)
or Send an Email to:


Email Subject Line:  Natural Gas Request
Include: Township Name, Your Name & Address, Your Phone, and your Email Address


The veteran's exemption is available to those residents that qualify for it.  There is a form to fill out and you must have a letter from the Veteran's Administration stating you are 100% disabled and it is service related.  Click here for the forms page.